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This batch of AK Banana had a subtle banana aroma that filled the room once the flowers were broken up. Order Weed Online, the genetics most likely consist of the AK47 and Banana Kush strains. Buy Cannabis Online, The strain is a classic Sativa-dominant hybrid created by mixing Colombian (Sativa), Kush For Sale Online, Mexican (Sativa), Thailand (Sativa), and Afghanistan (Indica). Marijuana Online Shop, The Banana Kush strain was the result of combining the OG Kush,Skunk #1, and Haze strains

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Buy Hollywood Pure Kush Online

Hollywood Pure OG Kush remains one of the most sought after versions of the classic strain, known for its sweet taste and intense, long-lasting effects. The signature here is the hint of pink seen when breaking the buds open and along the stem…no other OG we’ve reviewed possesses this strait.

When I think of this strain all I can say is WOW!  This is exactly what a REAL Pure OG is supposed to be like!

From the brighter green coloration of the buds and that they are made of nothing but the lovely peeling nugs I love so much, to the perfectly red hairs and rolled in sugar look from the vast array of Hollywood Pure Kush you can see this is definitely something special!

The ash is even that PURE white that only the herbs treated with “The Love” can achieve.

From the puff there is the delicious classic OG twang of skunky fuel that tickles your nostrils on the exhale. A sign of a high quality Kush and a great time to follow!

It breaks up nicely either with a grinder or by hand, but if you use your hands expect to loose alot of keif to your fingertips 😉 it’s just that sticky!

As for the buzz; what can I say?! There is this instant feeling of relaxation followed within 5 minutes by a nonstop wave of pain relief! It begins a little behind the eyes, but once the pain killing aspects kick in you’re feeling it from the tips of your toes and crawls up your legs and throughout the rest of the body until it reaches the top of your skull, and back down again in a euphoric state of relief!

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1 review for Buy Hollywood Pure Kush Online

  1. Jessy janis

    Am so excited its almost deal day for my second delivery, can’t wait to get a taste of holly wood pure kush

    • Cannabis Coffee Shop

      You are free to always look forward on us, we are always here for you. Thanks

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