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Potent, terpene-rich extracts crafted on Vancouver Island
Sativa Dominant Hybrid | 1g | Premium Terp Sauce

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Buy Scout Master Sauce Online is a Sativa dominant hybrid (60%) that is a culmination of Master Kush and Girl Scout Cookies. This concentrate that originates from British Columbia has 21% THC and 1%CBD.

This extract is best used during the daytime as it creates a feeling of mood elevation and a cerebral jolt. A delicate body buzz is also felt at lower doses without any sedation or couch-lock. Scout Master will make you feel like the energizer bunny; equipped to handle physical activities like exploring the wilderness or enjoying an invigorating cinematic experience. The master of all sauces, this concentrate will help you with a creative boost that will stimulate you to remain productive and clear-headed. The perfect match for a fun social gathering, or used as an incentive to accomplish the dull and mundane chores at hand, Scout Master Sauce will dominate your senses. Buy Scout Master Sauce Online at Cannabis Coffee Shop

Flavour – Order Scout Master Sauce Online

Scout Master has a flavor profile that will remind you of a brisk fall day. You’ll feel like you’re indulging in a wanton walk through the forest with the taste of earthiness that will create waves of reviving pleasure to your senses. At last, there is a brisk touch of pine that flirts with a burst of sweet citrus.


Rejoice as Scout Master Sauce is a great fit for novice and experienced users! This strain won’t cause sedation or couchlock and will prove a great fit for your morning.

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