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Buy Diesel OG Kush Online,Sour Diesel and Afghani #1 IBL come together for Diesel a strain that boosts the typical Sour Diesel while providing a well-balanced high. Forest green buds put out a welcomed diesel funk and come trichome-drenched with dark orange pistils. Colorado Diesel may empower you with creative energy while offering a mellow body high that will keep you in a state of relaxation.

 OG Diesel Kush or OGDK is a hybrid strain with a heavy-hitting high and the THC concentration to back it up. A truly mysterious strain, no one is quite sure who the original breeder of OGDK is, although we do know that it was created by crossing two classics, OG Kush and NYC Diesel. Boasting a monstrous THC concentration of 25%, OG Diesel Kush is recommended for more experienced users. OG Diesel Kush is characterized by its relaxing and deeply sedating effects that provides users with effect pain treatment. Both the aroma and flavour of OG Diesel Kush will captivate the senses of any gas and diesel strain lovers! The stronger gas tones of NYC Diesel blend well with the sweeter, citrus-like tones of OG Kush to create a unique and dank palette.

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