Buy CRATER 420 portable vaporizer

150.00$ 100.00$

  • True convection vaporiser, 100% air heating system – Nicotine Free!
  • Fully isolated air path, pure vapour – 35 second heating up time.
  • 3 in 1 vaporiser, fit for dry herb, wax and oil.
  • 2 operation modes: Soft mode and Enhance mode (sensor will optimize vapour production)
  • Good battery life – up to 10 sessions


The Crater 420 is from the brand Crater and is a refined portable vape that can be taken as an entry level vaporizer on the market. It is available for sale in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, USA and Europe (EU).

The Crater 420 is a powerful portable vaporizer that comes with 4 flexible heat settings and can easily be used. It looks like a Pax but is totally different. Although it resembles the Pax functionally, it feels slightly different when it comes to the construction. It looks and works similar to an appropriate medical device. It has a wonderful stealth factor and can easily be taken to anywhere without worry


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