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Alley Cat Kush online, The term “alley cat” carries a slick but dangerous connotation, and Alley Cat Kush can be dangerous for anyone with a low tolerance. Its high is very amiable in low doses, taking away stress and fatigue while amping up the appetite. That friendly ascent will gradually turn into a lazy downfall, however, and the spiral will only increase after each toke. But is that a bad thing?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Sleek and Small Design: Most of the pod fits into the stick, taking up less space in your pocket. Square is Sturdy: Square pod design reduces the kind of breakage elongated cartridges can be susceptible to in your pocket. Leakage Protection System: Includes system to prevent leakage of oil in cases of environmental stress. Nickle Alloy Heating Coil: Chosen from a large variety of materials tested during development to produce the best vapor production. Discreet Oil window of the cartridge is not visible when inserted into the stick, so no one knows what you are up to. Produced by The Bank Cannabis Genetics, Alley Cat Kush is an unknown OG Kush cross that offers a complex flavor profile with notes of earth, wood, clove, citrus, and fuel. It is a bit lighter than most OG cultivars and won’t put you to bed as easily.

Colorado has the best summertime weather that a semi-active stoner could request for: not too hot and normally not too humid. But the Mile High City has actually been sweatier than a New York City train station lately, and it’s hardly mid-June. To make sure that the heat would not make me snap before July 4, I needed a heavy indica to ice me down. And I found the supreme cool customer: Alley Feline Kush.

Helpful for all sorts of shady enjoyable and nefarious activities, alleys are an underrated pathway of American culture. Alley Feline Kush is just as underappreciated, with a scrappy OG family tree that’s as sweet as they come, in spite of the public-school name.

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